Since the inception of the Lewis and Clark County Brownfields Project, Tetra Tech in conjunction with the County and the Task Force members has carried out an inventory of potential brownfields sites. Information was gathered from the commercial real estate MLS listings and from recommendations by members of the community through an online survey and public meetings. What we found were many unoccupied buildings or vacant properties that were underutilized across Lewis and Clark County. It became apparent that a system was needed to organize these properties. The City of Helena was then divided into regions. The following maps were used:

The following abbreviations were used to designate regions within Helena and communities in the County:

  • Helena East (E)
  • Helena West (W)
  • Helena North (N)
  • Helena Central (C)
  • East Helena (EH)
  • Lincoln (L)
  • Craig (CR)
  • Wolf Creek (WC)
  • Canyon Creek (CC)
  • Silver City (SC)
  • Augusta (A)
  • Canyon Ferry (CF)

Each property was identified by the region it is located in and by a number. The following spreadsheet identifies every site in the inventory; and, the sites in Helena can be sorted by region, address number, or street name: Master Inventory List

Several screening methods were necessary to determine whether a property would be a good brownfields candidate. A site visit was documented and often followed up with a scoring matrix form. If the site was deemed appropriate the landowner or real estate agent was contacted. A letter of intent and consent form was also sent to many of the land owners. If they signed the consent form to have a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) conducted, than a determination was made whether the site was to be eligible for petroleum or hazardous substance funds. If petroleum funds were to be used than a DEQ eligibility form had be filled out, and in both cases an EPA eligibility form had to be filled out. If the Phase I ESA identified the need for environmental sampling, than in some cases a Phase II ESA was performed. Several properties were also identified to have a Cleanup Plan prepared for future redevelopment. Please click on theĀ ‘inventory sites’ link to the right of this page to look for potential redevelopment opportunities in your area.

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