June 24, 2011 – Brownfields Update

The 6/21 meeting with wholesale nfl jerseys the Helena Indian Alliance (HIA) on Sheridan Hall was attended by: Daniel Pocha, Bonnie Stevens and their engineer from HIA; Brian Obert thi?t and Terry Myhre from the Montana Business Assistance Connection (MBAC); Susan Bawden from LCC; and myself.   We discussed the Phase II results and remodeling plans for Sheridan Hall, the wholesale mlb jerseys need for a cleanup Perfect plan, funding for cleanup, and additional assessment work for the facility.  Brian suggested that With a cleanup plan wasn’t needed in order for HIA to receive a cleanup grant from the Central Montana Brownfields Coalition’s Revolving Loan Fund; only a laundry list of cleanup items should be submitted with estimated costs so the board can evaluate the proposal.  It was decided that Phase II funds from the LCC brownfields grant should be spent to complete assessment work at Sheridan Hall since the full 3, investigation was not completed in 2009 due to a funding short fall.  Additional Phase II items include a drinking water assessment and soil investigation outside the vehicle shop.  Over the next few weeks, Tetra Tech will be updating the project-wide Quality Assurance Project 17, Plan (QAPP), Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) and Health and Safety Plan (HASP) to guide these activities.

After Tuesday’s meeting, Susan and I spent several hours checking out sites from the survey to determine which were good candidates for the brownfields inventory.  We drove by the five sites in the Helena-West region and found one good candidate (1900 Euclid).  Two additional sites were identified with potential (former State Nursery/Montana Cannabis and “The Edge” casino which is closed down and for sale). 

Our windshield survey also included over half the 50 sites in the Helena-North region where a number of potential brownfields sites were identified.  Sites either for sale or unoccupied cheap jerseys included:  G&L Transit, 1310 Birch; former Polar Electric, 1224 Elm; former contractors yard, 600 W. Custer; parking lot, ~2750 N. Montana; and, a triangle-shaped lot with frontage on N. Main between Poplar Football & Columbia.  A number of sites in this region appeared underutilized (is 2011 a pawn shop at a major intersection considered underutilized?); but, will be set aside for the time being.  More windshield surveys will be conducted in the coming weeks and I’ll be in Caird touch with those of you who expressed interest in participating.  Next Friday Susan and I are going to Lincoln, Maryville and Canyon Creek to look at potential brownfields A sites. 

It occurred to me that a meeting with taskforce member Randal Green, with Green & Green Realty could facilitate identifying sites for the brownfields inventory.  His knowledge on  commercial properties for sale could give us some insight on potential brownfields sites.  I will try to set up a meeting in the next week or so.

Daphne Digrindakis
Tetra Tech Project Manager

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